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Creation Barbershop & Hairstudio

Updated: Jan 27

The definition of the word "creation" itself is to bring something into existence. This definition embodies the spirit of the barbers and hairstylists that work at Creation Barbershop and Hairstudio.

Background Information

Creation Barbershop & Hairstudio was founded in August 2019, and has since grown to a team of 11 local barbers and hairstylists.

The shop was founded by Will Abanador, who wanted to build a platform for local artists to begin their barbering and hairstyling career. Through Creation, Will aspires to show local artists that barbering and styling goes beyond just a haircut, and aims to elevate the barbering standards in the city.

The lotus in the logo beautifully captures the message that Creation is trying to depict. Just as a lotus grows from mud and murky waters, the shop was built from the ground up. From nothingness comes something beautiful, and this message translates into the work of each team member.


5981 Steeles Avenue East

Toronto, ON, M1V 5P7


Hours of Operations

Temporarily Closed

Monday - Saturday

10:00am - 8:00pm


12:00pm - 6:00pm