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The Crane Apparel

The Crane Apparel creates lifestyle streetwear that lets you stay fly while bringing to life the essence of the paper crane, instilling a powerful message with each collection.

Background Information

The crane has always been a notable symbol of success and good fortune, particularly in Japanese culture. Capturing the history and significance of the crane, The Crane Apparel shares this captivating mission statement:

"Wishing long life, good fortune, love & good luck.

We share the crane in hopes to inspire & motivate.

To instill honorable virtues & create a positive culture.

To be humble and confident.

Stay fly."

The Crane Apparel has grown significantly since its launch in 2017 and has reached an audience of over 6000 followers on Instagram. Branching off from its parent company, The Paper Crane & Co., the brand offers a diverse collection of hoodies, crewnecks, tees, and accessories.

The Paper Crane & Co. started with two brothers in 2016 as a printing company, providing an array of services in marketing and digital solutions. It wasn't until 2017 when the younger of the two brothers found a passion for clothing - and The Crane Apparel was born.

With the support of the printing company and his family, he was given the opportunity to bring his ideas and vision to life. What started with small and simple designs, has now evolved and become exemplary. Combining their simple yet intricate designs, along with premium material quality, each new release becomes easier and easier to rock.

While the pandemic has contributed its fair share of setbacks, The Crane Apparel aims to become a well-respected and easily recognizable brand, with the goal of starting their shop locally. As the brand continues to grow, The Crane Apparel aspires to extend the message of hope, love, and success - releasing products that lets you stay fly.


Website - thecraneapparel.com

Instagram - www.instagram.com/craneapparel

Other Conglomerates

The Paper Crane & Co. - www.thepapercraneandco.com & www.instagram.com/papercrane.to

CRN adidas Online Store - crncanada.shop & www.instagram.com/crn.to

The Crane Express - www.thecraneexpress.com & www.instagram.com/craneexpress

Products and Services

Stay fly with The Crane Apparel's aesthetically designed outerwear, shirts, and accessories.




'Renewal' Crew Neck ($75)

'Legacy' Hoodie ($75)

'Logo' Hoodie ($75)

'House' Crew Neck ($75)




'Blossoms' Tee ($40)

'Varsity' Tee ($40)

'Classic' Tee ($40)

'Soul' Tee ($30)

'Members' Tee ($30)

'Crane' Tee ($30)




925 Silver Pendant & Chain ($120)

Cotton Face Mask ($15)

'Logo' Hat ($30)

'Classic' Hat ($30)

Black TOTE Bag ($20)

Photo Credits: Fritz Acuna


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